Ocean transportation is one of the core business of Baotongda Logistics, which can receive both FCL and            bulk cargo. We work closely with more than a dozen shipping companies, such as EMC, Matson, ZIM, COSCO,            APL and MSC, to meet the different needs of customers and develop comprehensive ocean transportation            solutions. Reduce your shipping costs.

Yantian Shipping:

FCL and LCL are available for collection. And Eva (EMC). Cosco (COSCO). U.S. Presidential Steamer (APL).            Mediterranean Shipping (MSC) and other shipping companies work closely to meet the different needs of            customers. Develop a comprehensive shipping plan to reduce your shipping costs.

Mode of transportation: first way to send there. The final delivery is divided into UPS. Truck delivery.            Two ways of delivery

1. Final UPS delivery: double clearance including tax. No inspection apportionment charges. (Suitable for            heavy cargo delivery);

2. Tailgate truck delivery: Delivery can be made throughout the United States. Delivery cost as low as 2            yuan /kg;

3. Advantages: The inspection rate can be controlled at about 5%, the lowest in the market. Have the            confidence to do the customs clearance in 4-6 days;

Matson Marine:

Matson Navigation Company, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Matson") is an experienced US-owned            container liner company. Its main business is xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai to the United States west Coast            long Beach port and the United States inland shipping container business. Matson's CLX (China Long Beach            Express) weekly container service started in February 2006, with stops in Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, and            then stops in Long Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii and Guam. The whole journey from Shanghai to Long Beach takes            10.5 days. The ship from Long Beach port can pick up the goods conveniently at the yard outside the port            area the next day, which creates a new concept of "fast and on time" in the shipping industry. Matson            has been serving the Pacific Ocean since its establishment in 1882. All major ports in the west bank in            the United States all have proprietary pier, with its efficient, punctual, fast service enjoy high            reputation in the shipping industry We rely on the clippers strong resource advantage, is committed to            create the best products in Shanghai to the shipping line, can do the goods inspection rate is low,            aging is: 12-16 natural day can reach the port in the western United States, With the whole process of            extraction and delivery to fBA warehouses around the country, it is about 18-22 natural days"