Founded in 2006, Baotongda International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in fBA first air freight, FBA first sea freight, international express, international special line, international EUB, international small bag, overseas warehouse, return and exchange of bid, one piece delivery and other large-scale comprehensive cross-border logistics services.

Since its inception, we always adhere to channel quality as the fundamental, cargo safety as the core of the business philosophy! Baotonda international logistics now has nearly 100,000 square meters of FBA transfer warehouse, hundreds of vehicles, hundreds of employees, in many cities across the country set up branches, has a number of overseas warehouses in Europe and the United States, is shenzhen international logistics industry has a certain influence of the international logistics company.


Baotongda international logistics is through the amazon official strict screening and reviewAmazon SPN official cooperative logistics provider!


Our innovative American FBA air party, American FBA Shanghai party, European FBA air party, European FBA Shanghai Party, European Card airlines, European railway, European card, Chinese and English card, UPS, Amazon head logistics channels such as DHL, European FBA direct, Canadian FBA line, Japanese FBA line, And Australian FBA line transport hundreds of tons of Amazon head goods for thousands of Amazon customers every day, which enjoys a high reputation in the Amazon logistics circle!

Our company also operates international EUB, E Subao, E express, EMS, international small package, international large package, international express, international special line, THE United States USPS express special line small package, The United Kingdom royal Mail special line small package, Germany DPD special line, China and America large direct line cross-border logistics services. We have the most professional logistics consultants to control every link of cross-border logistics for customers.

Baotongda logistics has seamless connection with most of the mainstream e-commerce ERP in the market, such as global trading assistant, Puyuan software, ECPP, Mabang, Suomai, Mango store manager, store secretary, Tongtu, yicang Technology, etc., to help customers manage orders and deliver goods with one click.

We have always maintained close cooperation with international express giants DHL, UPS, fedex, EMS, and have a variety of competitive prices and routes. So that you can worry about cross-border logistics delivery, real time saving, labor saving, money saving.