Treasure tongda logistics to keep close cooperation relationship with domestic and foreign each big      airline, and China (ci), American airlines (aa), the united Arab emirates airlines (ek), Korean airline      (ke), hainan airlines (hu), cathay Pacific airways (cx), and a number of airlines in Singapore airlines      (sq) perennial package board, business scope covers the whole Europe and the United States the main      airport. The strong customs clearance team ensures the safe and fast delivery of goods to each FBA      warehouse.

American FBA air dispatch line

Double clearance tax return; 3-5 days extraction; Baling direct flight;

FBA air line in Europe

Direct flights; Double clearance tax return; 5 days to Reach Europe; VAT declaration is available only;

Canada FBA air line

Double clearance tax return; Final UPS delivery; 8-10 days to sign for receipt;

FBA Air Force of Japan

A single to the end; 3-5 days to sign for receipt;