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Shenzhen Headquarters: 1st Floor (full floor), 1st Building, Yingbo Industrial Park, 2nd Donghuan Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Tel: +86 755 83261581 83261591

Fax: +86 755 83261591

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Contact person: Mr. Zhang

QQ: 786230455 Customer service QQ: 1183468110

24 Pennsylvania Avenue Kearny NJ 07032 USA Telephone: 018627723041

Telephone: 018627723041

Longhua Branch: Iot Center, No. 6 minhuan Road, Longhua District,          Shenzhen City (full floor opposite the gate)

Tel: +86 755 83261885

Zhengzhou Branch: Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park, No.99,          Erligang South Street, Guancheng Hui District, Zhengzhou city

Tel: +86 037160305812

Pinghu Branch: No. 81, Xinsha Avenue, Longgang District, Shenzhen          city --Baotongda International Logistics Pinghu Processing Center

Telephone: 0755-84823841

Bantian branch: Baoda International Logistics Bantian Processing          Center, Xinli Industrial Park, No.333, Bulong Road, Bantian Street,          Longgang, Shenzhen

Telephone: 18316997436

Business Consulting and Company Address:

Phone: 13428755534

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Telephone: 0755-83261581

Contact person: Mr. Luo

International logistics consultant and international logistics project        designer:

Phone: 18316997436


E-mail: 2458860604

Contact person: Mr. Zhou